Jones and Sons Locksmiths Columbus Ohio

Our padlocks is all you need to secure your place

Getting padlocks based on your requirement is extremely important if you want to secure your place correctly. Thankfully, the best of these products can be availed through us, Jones and Sons Locksmiths Columbus Ohio. We have been designing and producing these locks for a long time and can provide you the perfect ones needed to secure your place. Our locks are available in different varieties, with each of them made out of superior quality materials and technologies. Place an order through us for these locks and look forward to getting attractive rates. We also provide 24/7 assistance for these products. The order can be placed anytime.

Get excellent all-round support from our radio-dispatched unit

For quick and honest security services there is only one service provider that can yield results as you expected – Jones and Sons Locksmiths Columbus Ohio. Our technicians are quick and can respond to your queries in a matter of minutes. Our team that handles radio-dispatched services is available on call 24/7. Whatever be your requirement, you can expect them to respond to you quickly. Each of our team is well equipped with tools and equipment so you are sure to get the kind of services you were expecting before calling us. To get more details on what kind of services you can look forward to getting from us, we suggest you call us at 614-915-0609.

Looking for simplified re-keying solutions? Look up to us

When you have been looking for simplified re-keying solutions, make sure that you check us out. Our rekeying solutions have been improved and are developed keeping your needs in mind. You can expect these services to be quick and efficient. Jones and Sons Locksmiths Columbus Ohio has all the right tools and technologies with it to provide these solutions to you. Therefore, whenever you are thinking of having these services at your place, look up to us. You will do well to call us at 614-915-0609. Our services can be had anytime during the day. So feel free to call us with your details. We will look forward to helping you.

Quality transponder keys you will not find anywhere else!

If you have been contemplating adding anti theft features in your vehicle, then you seriously need to consider transponder keys designed, developed and marketed by Jones and Sons Locksmiths Columbus Ohio. A number of programmed chips are embedded in these keys so that you are able to get easy replacements or spares in case you have lost or damaged the originals. Why are these keys important? They are important in passing the radio transmission signals between the key and the car’s ignition system. The uniqueness of these keys can be gauged from the fact that they do not work on any other car, even if they are the same model! The kinds of keys we make are hard to find anywhere else!