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Over a decade in business has taught us at Jones and Sons Columbus Ohio locksmith, that it’s important to be reliable, honest, and good at what you do. The next time that you need a dependable Columbus locksmith that can assist you with home, vehicle, or commercial needs, contact us. We’ll send out a locksmith Columbus Ohio expert to your location with a fully loaded van and you don’t have to wait any longer than a 20-minute response time in order to get just what you need. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you out!

Locksmith Service in Columbus, OH

We know that residential and commercial locksmith needs can arise at any time of day or night. That’s why, at Jones and Sons Locksmith service in Columbus, OH we work to help you with anything lock or key related that you may need so that you don’t get frustrated. No matter what sort of locksmith service in Columbus that you’re looking for, we provide 24-hour emergency services that you can call. Even if you need a car locksmith service in Columbus, OH to get you back in your vehicle in the middle of the night – we will be there as soon as we can be and ready to assist you. 

Your Helpful Car Locksmith Located in Columbus Ohio

We all need help from a car locksmith Columbus Ohio specialist occasionally, which is why we’ve made it a priority to offer these services to our customers. Our slick locksmiths Columbus specialists can take care of issues like vehicle lockouts and we can help you to get copies or replacement car keys that you can use in lieu of the ones that have gotten broken or lost. Whether you’re looking for a car locksmith to produce a transponder key or an ignition key, we’ve got you covered. Contact our car locksmiths today to learn more and to get the help you need as well.

Providing a Full Range of Locksmith 24-hour Emergency Services

Emergencies that come up can cause issues for anyone and everyone, no matter where you are or what you’re trying to deal with. Having an emergency locksmith Columbus car locksmith that offers 24-hour emergency services can help you to get what it is that you may need in order to get back to normal. Our trained 24-hour emergency service staff is ready 365 days a year to help deal with any emergency lockout situation. Whether you’re stuck outside of your car, lost your keys and can’t get back into the house, or are experiencing an urgent lock and key issue at your business, contact us and we’ll be there to help in twenty minutes or less!

Your Residential Locksmith Professionals

If you live in Columbus, OH, and you want to have a locksmith residential service that you can trust and get to know, we can help you out. Our residential locksmiths deal with home lockout issues, residential door locks, and other security issues. And our Columbus locksmiths can even re-key locks when you feel like your security has been compromised.

A Commercial Locksmith for Your Business Needs

When you’re looking for the very best commercial locksmith to update your security lock system to more heavy-duty commercial door locks, or you are looking to take care of commercial lockouts in a safe and reliable way, we can help. We have commercial locksmith professionals on staff that can take care of all those needs and more!

Can a 24 hour emergency locksmith help me get into my vehicle?

Yes, a 24 hour emergency locksmith is able to help you get into your vehicle. It shouldn’t matter the type of make or model of car, a good locksmith has everything that is needed in order to make sure you can open your door and drive wherever you need to be. Locksmiths can rekey locks as well as replace keys that have been damaged so that you do not have to be without a vehicle for any extended period of time simply because you do not have a key.

What happens if I break my ignition key in the ignition?

Some people try to use wire-nose pliers to remove keys that have broken off in the lock, others attempt to use ice to ‘melt’ the key out of the ignition. There are several key removal techniques used at home. But, if the ignition key breaks in the ignition when it is being turned it is important that you call a locksmith for broken key extraction service immediately. Attempting to remove a key that has broken off in the ignition is dangerous and may cause more problems than you started with.