My Key Got Stuck in The Ignition – What Do I Do?

That’s quite the situation you’ve got on your hands if you’re in “my key got stuck in the ignition” trouble. Most people have probably been in a similar situation, albeit not with their car. At one point, we’ve had a problem with our door locks where the key is inserted but won’t seem to turn and get stuck at the same time. It is in no way a pleasant situation. Especially when you need to go somewhere or need something from your house.

For cars, it becomes critical because, when a key is stuck in the ignition and attempts to extract it are not gentle, it may damage the ignition switch. So when your car key stuck in ignition, you would be wise to contact a locksmith. Trust us, those DIY videos may not be the solution. You can go ahead and watch them. But without the proper tools and the carefulness of a professional, you may have just worsened the problem.

my key got stuck in the ignition - Jones and Sons Locksmith

Therefore, if you are in a “my key got stuck in the ignition” situation, a call to Jones and Sons Locksmith will be your best option. We are in Columbus, OH. Extracting that key stuck in ignition is not at all a problem for us. Our tools and expertise are surely up to the required standard. So, getting that key extracted will be as smooth as possible. Of course, we are professionals, so you would expect nothing less. What are you waiting for? Make that call to us now!

My Key got Stuck in the Ignition-Emergency Auto Locksmith Services

For most people, being in a situation such as having their key stuck in the ignition is a problem they want to resolve as quickly as possible. This, of course, makes it an emergency situation that can lead to one missing an important job interview, the birth of their child, or making it late to an exam. All of these can alter one’s life or put you in a bad mood for the rest of the day. But it doesn’t have to become that worse. Jones and Sons Locksmith is able to deliver the fastest solution to get that key out.

Now, getting your keys broken in the ignition is certainly a more terrible situation. Because this automatically means you have to get a key replacement. If the ignition is damaged during your battle with trying to get the broken piece out, well, that includes a damaged key ignition. You should try to avoid this at all cost, as it will cost you more than you planned for.

We definitely know how it feels to have to spend money you had no idea you would have to spend. It can leave a dent in your already not-so-good financial buoyancy. But this can be avoided by simply calling us if you notice such an issue with your key. You don’t have to try to help yourself in a my key got stuck in the ignition problem. Give us a call in Columbus, OH and we will be there as swiftly as possible.

24 Hour Auto Locksmith Services-Express Service Every Hour Of The Day!

Perhaps you are caught in a my key got stuck in the ignition situation late at night and you don’t think anyone can come to your aid. This can be more frustrating, especially if you can’t leave your car there. We understand, and that is why you can count on us if you need a solution as quickly as possible and at an odd hour. Not to startle you, we will call you when we get to your location. Our professionals will identify themselves to you in a bid to assure you that you are safe.

As soon as you have confirmed our identity and given us the go ahead, our locksmith experts will inspect the situation. We will then implement our tools to ensure that your key is safely extracted. After this, the ignition cylinder and the key will be inspected to check for the actual reason your key got stuck. If it is something that has to do with the key or the ignition, we can also make a repair right there on the spot. As soon as we are done, you can then be on your way. We are pretty sure that is the kind of professional service you’d expect. How about you give us a call now? Columbus, OH knows no better service provider than us.