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Do you know what a master key system is? As locksmith master key professionals, we have noticed that many people do not know what a master key system is. As a result, some customers who come to us think that a master key is used to open all doors. When in fact, it is not exactly like that.

Therefore, this article will reveal what a master key system is and what it is used for. Jones And Sons Locksmith, expert locksmiths in Columbus, OH, will solve all your doubts.

A master key system is a single key that allows you to open particular doors but not all of them. This type of key is widely used in hotels and offices as each door has a unique key. But then we have the master key that allows you to open all the doors in the building.

There are different types of key master keys, depending on the needs of each client:

  • Key matching: the same key opens all the doors of a business or a house.
  • Simple master key: it is very similar to key matching. But there is also an individual key to open each door.
  • Gate master key: this type of key allows homeowners to open the door of their homes. But also to open certain doors of the common areas.

All these types can form a master key system. You should know that all master key systems have different qualities. So before ordering any of the master key systems, be sure to get informed. Therefore, just contact Jones And Sons Locksmith and ask for more information! Keep in mind that these systems also require an excellent master key service for maintenance.

master key system

Advantages Of A Master Key System

The main advantage of having a master key system is that it allows you to have fewer keys. As a result of having a key that opens all doors, you will not need a key for each door.

In those cases where you have a business such as a hotel, it will make it easier for everyone. Having a master key ensures security since they limit the access only to certain people. If you need to master keys and locks, do not hesitate to contact us. Our locksmith master key experts provide this service to all our customers. Contact us to hire the top locksmith store in the state!

Lock & Key Emergency Solutions

Having a reliable locksmith at hand is always a good idea. We must have a locksmith that will be capable of helping us when we need it. There has been a moment when a locksmith was needed in your life. At those times having at hand the contact information of a locksmith is paramount.

As a result, our store has made available our emergency locksmith services. Our emergency locksmith service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We will be available at all times to make sure no locksmith situation goes unsolved.

In addition to this, our store is known for its excellent products and services. We work with big and small suppliers. Having ties with big and small suppliers lets us provide our customers with quality products and services. Our services and products are durable and of high quality. We guarantee it.

Our store offers a variety of services to our customers, such as:

  • Car openings.
  • Safes openings.
  • Openings of metallic shutters.
  • Opening of interior doors, exterior doors, and even armored doors.
  • Extraction of keys from locks.
  • Blinds maintenance.
  • Lock isntallation.
  • Maintenance of locks.
  • Replacement keys or rekeying.
  • Motorization of shutters.
  • Manufacture of keys.
  • Installation and repair of locks (electric locks are included).
  • Key mastering.
  • Manufacturing of locks with sawtooth keys or double paddle locks.
  • Maintenance of security doors.

Emergency Services We Provide

No matter when you call us, our emergency locksmith services will be delivered by qualified locksmiths. For this reason, at our locksmith store, we guarantee you a unique service in Columbus, OH.

  • Our store will solve any kind of situation you may have in the shortest time possible.
  • We provide the locksmiths in our store with the latest and best equipment in the industry.
  • Our locksmith services will help you ensure the safety and security of all your properties. We can assist you with residential or commercial properties. We can assist you with the installation of alarms, locks, and bars even! Furthermore, people consider the locksmiths in our store specialists in installing of all types of security products.
  • All of our store’s professional locksmiths are knowledgeable and experienced. In addition to that, they continue to receive training on an ongoing basis. Our store locksmiths keep up to date with the latest trends, products, and techniques. Thus, we are always ready and prepared to give our customers the best locksmith keys made service.
  • When hiring us, you will have a guaranteed, fast, efficient, and professional service. Moreover, if you are looking to increase your property’s security, we can assist you!
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