Keyless Entry Door Locks – Great Way To Provide Security

Nowadays, keyless entry door locks from Jones And Sons Locksmith in Columbus, OH are in high demand. One of the keyless entry door locks is characterized by being operated by our smartphone, for example. But there are also other types of keyless entry door locks. These are very useful, being able to open and close the door of our house remotely.

In fact, most of these keyless entry door locks have a camera. This allows us to see who is knocking on the door wherever we are.  Such features provide added security to our property. Since always before opening the door, we can check who it is avoiding unnecessary scares.

Also, these keyless entry door locks inform us of what is happening in our house. How? By recording anyone who approaches it. So, if we see suspicious movements, we only have to alert the police to do their job.

In addition, many keyless keypad door lock incorporate a communication system. Through which we can talk to the person knocking on the door. So, if we are not at home, we can speak directly to whoever is knocking. Therefore, we will always be able to communicate with whoever is knocking on our door. Moreover, we could even ask them beforehand what they want. This is an excellent advantage of the keyless locks.

On the other hand, as we can open and close the door remotely, they are helpful. You will not have to be constantly aware of the keys. But directly from the cell phone, we will open the lock. You can even open keyless locks by entering a password or by placing your fingerprint on the lock reader.

keyless entry door locks

The Best Locksmith Service In The City

In addition to all the keyless entry locks we have for you, we offer the best master key service. We are the ones to provide you with all the keyless entry locks and other local locksmith services. We are sure you’re tired of hearing references about master keys in advertising. You’ve probably never found out exactly how they work and what they’re for.

A master key is a specially prepared key that allows you to open several locks. These types of keys are often used in places like hotels and offices. Each door has its key, but there is one key that opens all the locks in the building. Hence why a master key is often used to facilitate the work of employees in commercial properties. In short, it allows improving the organization of a business.

How do master keys accomplish this? Jones And Sons Locksmith arranges the bolts so that they have two ways to line up. One way with the specific key for the lock and the other way for the master key. Each key will still be able to open your door but will not be able to open others. On the other hand, the master key will be able to open them all. We are your local locksmith services, and you can trust us.

A 24-Hour Service For You

Having a reliable, professional locksmith allows us to be safer in an emergency. Take into account these tips, and you will see why you should choose us. At some point in our lives, we have all found ourselves in need to call a locksmith. Either for forgetting the keys or losing them. This is one of the many reasons why it is essential to have a reliable locksmith.

The phone number of a reliable locksmith should be saved in your address book. You never know when you will need the service. A true professional can help you in emergency circumstances. Lucky for you, we are the best locksmith in Columbus, OH. We offer you 24-hour services, and of the most comprehensive. Among them, we deal with situations like:

  • Forgetting your keys
  • Losing your house keys
  • When trying to open the door, the key broke
  • Leaving the keys inside the car
  • Arriving home to find the lock forced.

Don’t leave the security lock of your home in the hands of a stranger. Look for us because we have all the necessary permits to do the job. We can help you for:

  • Installing anti-pry windows.
  • Replacing old locks
  • Copy keys
  • Reinforcing the security of the locks
  • Installation and programming of digital locks

We Will Be Waiting For Your Call!

What are you waiting for? Get in touch with us! You can use either text, email, or give us a phone call! Moreover, we assure you we are the fastest locksmith store in the city! There are no chances we won’t be able to assist you. In addition, we have some of the most affordable service! We would love to hear from you and know how we can help you.

We hope to hear from you soon and to welcome you to our long list of recurring customers!

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