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Transponder keys are a part of many cars today as they serve to help keep your car secure. Some people pay little to no attention to their car keys, as long as they are working fine. For this reason, having an issue with it may come as a surprise to them, as they have no idea that a key can develop problems. It is not just an ordinary key or what we call a standalone key. This type of key has chips imbedded within the key fob. These chips are there to make sure that someone with a random key comes to unlock your car and drive away. That was the norm so many years ago, and RFID chips are a solution to that.

So, have you got an issue with your chip key and can’t seem to unlock your car or start your car engine? It is probably due to a bad chip. The next thing for you is to get a transponder key replacement. And if you are in Columbus, OH, then Jones and Sons Locksmith is the best service provider. As an expert company, there is absolutely no type of car key brand or model that we can not help you with. Therefore, if you notice that you can’t seem to use this key, give us a call. We will do an inspection of the key to be sure the problem is with the chip. As soon as that is discovered, we then proceed to make the transponder key replacement.

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Transponder Key Programming-Right After A Replacement Service

A transponder key replacement won’t be complete without programming the key. As we mentioned, these keys have unique chips that send a signal to your car’s transceiver. If the signal matches with your car’s, then you will be able to start your car’s engine. However, if the signal doesn’t match, it will be impossible to start your car. This is why it is important that after a transponder key replacement, a program is made.

Jones and Sons Locksmith has the necessary tools and programming devices to get your keys programmed. Of course ,our specialists are seasoned professionals, so programming a key is another of our areas of speciality. The process doesn’t take much time, so you should be on your way with your programmed key replacement within a few minutes.

The people of Columbus, OH trust our services, and you too can. Hiring us means you don’t have to worry about issues arising with your key anytime soon. Except, of course, another damage occurs, and that can happen if you are not careful with your key. Not being careful can include leaving your key fob where a kid can get to it, and we know kids will play with anything their hands touch. In the process of playing with it, they can damage the key fob chip. We are sure you don’t want to have to spend some more money just right after getting a car key replacement Columbus, OH. Message us though, we can always help.

Ignition Key Repair & Replacement Services

An ignition switch is responsible for the main action that causes your car to start. So, even if you get a key replacement but the ignition is faulty, you may have trouble starting your car. This is why we always make sure to carry out a random inspection of your ignition, if you will, to ensure it is in good condition. Your car not starting is not always because the key chip is bad. Some degradation may have occurred within your ignition. An inspection will diagnose the problem and suggest the best solution. However, a solution may include replacing the entire ignition system or simply replacing some components with new ones. Whatever it is, Jones and Sons Locksmith have got you covered.

Here are a few signs to look out for if there is a problem with your ignition:

  • Struggling to turn the key in the ignition
  • Your car key won’t go all the way into the ignition
  • Difficulty starting your car despite having just had it serviced
  • The keys stuck in the ignition momentarily
  • And other functions of your ignition are not responding.

When you notice any of these signs, it is probably time you call an automotive locksmith.

Express Emergency Services: When And Where You Need Us!

There is no way you’d know that your key fob is faulty until you use it. However, this can mean that it is a bad time to be in a situation where your key is damaged. Therefore, you may need the urgent attention of a professional auto lock and key expert. If you want a service provider that comes to the rescue in time to save your day, give us a call!

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