Jones and Sons Locksmith – Residential Locksmith Columbus OH

Our team of technicians works around the clock to supply the neighborhoods with the locks and installation that will help prevent crime. It is important to all of us that you stay safe and healthy in your home. Call us today and receive a free consultation from a specialist to find all the problems in your current home security. Our installations will provide your residence with a quality, dependable, and advanced defense against burglaries and thefts. This is a quality investment for protecting the things that matter most of all in your life. We are open 24 hours a day.

Install Magnetic locks in your home by Jones and Sons Residential Locksmith Columbus OH

Magnet locks actually are a terrific way to the protect office or home safe. Such locks warn the actual robbers and criminals to run away from your property. However, obtaining the original and sturdy magnetic locks may be a tough job. Jones and Sons Residential Locksmith Columbus OH has a variety of magnet locks and their set up at a very minimal cost. We are able to suggest and guide you on different protection equipment and programs. Our locks are guaranteed as well as come with a back-up battery in the event of power outage. Good luck!


Get Padlocks for your home at residential locksmith Columbus OH

Padlocks may have a simple description “Conventional however classy”. We have great news for people who still like them, Padlocks are available for sale as well as Jones and Sons Residential locksmith Columbus OH comes with a variety of padlocks obtainable in various materials and designs. Padlocks really are strong, long lasting and guaranteed. Individuals prefer them since the current day safety alarm systems are much complex and technical. Allow our connoisseurs to visit your house and suggest the kind of padlocks for your residence or office. We have been well known for the quality outsourcing associated with padlock services and set up. We surely will never disappoint you.

Peephole installation without any hassle and delay by locksmith Columbus OH

Peepholes tend to be old but yet an excellent tool for protection of your property. Even though you may not be one of those residing in a crime totally free zone; peepholes really have become a necessity for everyone. Jones and Sons Residential Locksmith Columbus OH possess a number of peepholes offered at our workplace. We are specific at dealing such issues in an excellent and refined way. In case your door is costly, we will manage it with greatest care as well as perfection. Our specialists and professionals are qualified and trained to deal with any situation therefore let us serve up you with any kind of lock support.


Mobile home locks are a real blessing

In case you prefer comfort and ease, then mobile house locks are ideal for you. They offer with some remarkable benefits. Furthermore, it wouldn’t become incorrect to say that such locks have become our trademark. Jones and Sons Residential Locksmith Columbus, OH set up assorted mobile locks in the district with high success rate. These types of locks present you with a capability to keep your home under constant surveillance as well as check. If you are keeping some thing real precious or expensive, they surely might be best and excellent locks for you personally. To get more advice on cellular home locks, simply contact us at 614-915-0609.

Jones and Sons Residential Locksmith can Repair Automotive Security

Your preferred method of transportation has a more convenient option for repairs on ignitions, locks, and keys. There is no reason to depend on an expensive tow to a auto mechanic or the inconvenient business hours a dealership. We can have a technician sent to your motor vehicle to replace keys or reprogram transponders. This is a great service for any motorcycle, watercraft, automobile, or tractor. All of our customers in the neighborhood rely on their automobile as their primary means of travel and we want to provide a quality convenience for automotive security repair 24 hours a day.