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Losing your house keys is usually one of the most annoying situations in which you can find yourself. Since it usually represents a substantial loss of time. In addition, it usually awakens insecurity about the whereabouts of your keys. This tends to be incredibly annoying when you are in a hurry. Then you surely need replacement keys for your house lock.

Also, when there is something vital that we have to do arriving at our house or apartment. That is why in this article, we want to share helpful information.

What is this helpful information? It is information on what to do when you lose your house keys, for example. This way, we can help you act quickly and effectively to avoid further complications.

One of the first things you should do is to call a professional. But, what professional store should you call? Well, Jones And Sons Locksmith is the store you should call! The locksmith keys made by our store will have no equal. So, whenever you need our services, let us know! There will be no other replacement keys services that will be able to help you like ours.

Our replacement keys experts recommend that when you lose your house keys, you should change the lock. Most times, there is no necessity to change your keypad door lock just to rekey it. This is to prevent anyone who has found or stolen the keys from gaining access to your home. Still, our replacement keys experts advise you to change your lock when you lose your keys urgently.

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Great 24-Hour Replacement Keys And Locksmith Key Made Service

24-hour locksmiths like ours do excellent work in Columbus, OH. Our experts will look for the most effective way to open the door and allow you to enter your home. This type of service is available 24 hours a day. Although usually at night and in the early morning hours, the price for the service usually increases considerably.

One of the most recommended current options to avoid this type of problem is to use the new smart locks. These do not always require the use of keys, making these situations impossible. There are some locks that you can open with a smartphone, others by using fingerprint reading. As a result, the chances of your being left locked out of your home will be almost impossible.

Replacement Keys Service By Professionals

The professionals in our store make the keys you use for your properties depending on the lock you have. There are multiple locks that some locksmith stores won’t know how to service. Jones And Sons Locksmith Columbus offers you the best key maker in Columbus, OH. But before that, you should know what key you need, and that depends on the lock.

Deadbolts are used for doors that are less than 2 inches wide. They are placed on the inside of the door and are fully visible. We must point out that they are ideal for thin doors. Also, their security level has increased thanks to the new, more robust models.

Mortise locks are placed on the inside of the door and are currently the most commonly used. They can be used alone or with an additional security mechanism. They are also known as mortise locks since we can only see the hole where the key enters.

Security locks, as their name suggests, are those that offer greater security due to their design. They are very safe and challenging to force with levers. There are security locks of various models. They usually have a master key system which is excellent! Master key systems will be beneficial if you are prone to losing your keys.

Multipoint locks are a type of security lock due to their mechanism. They are usually in armored doors. It consists of a bar that runs vertically along with the door with several locking points. When you try and open the door with your key, the security points at different heights activate. When activated, the security points close or open respectively offer you the best security measures any lock could.

Locksmiths recommend you use Knob locks on interior doors such as patios, closets, or pantries.  Some models have a lock on the outside of the door to open them with a key if necessary. They are available in various colors, such as chrome, white, brass, or black.

The Best Replacement Keys And Key Cutting Services

Once you have identified which key you need, it’s time for key cutting. Our locksmiths offer you the best key replacement services. We have some of the best and most experienced locksmiths.

So, when you need replacement keys, let us know! Our locksmiths will make you a new key in no time! Now you know, if you need new keys or replacement keys, contact us! We doubt there will be other stores with such a great and knowledgeable team of locksmiths.

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