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People think it is normal to use keys but then ignore the materials the key is made of. But the locksmith keys made by our professionals take into consideration the materials used. The material that locksmiths use to make these small instruments is crucial.

Keys are crucial objects we take for granted. They permit us to operate the locks that protect our properties and valuables. At Jones And Sons Locksmith, we offer the best locksmith keys made by professionals.

This mechanism has a long history. Historians believe that its invention took place in the 7th century. By Theodore of Samos, although experts believe that it was used much earlier. People think that, in ancient times, the first keys that opened heavy metal boxes were made of iron. Therefore, they were very large and heavy.

However, smaller keys were for other objects like jewelry boxes. The reality is that locksmith keys have evolved in terms of materials. Today, locksmith keys made in Columbus, OH, by professionals are sturdy and reliable.

All classic locksmith keys made are typically composed of a wide part. This one can serve as a support to turn it. This part can be oval or rectangular and is preceded by an elongated stem with notches, vanes, or grooves. These form the gear of the key, that is, the code that fits your lock. Both parts are part of the first security measure.

Since in most cases, they will prevent the key from entering a lock that does not belong to it. In addition, the stem bores are the second and most important measure. Only when they match in length, size, and thickness will they allow the key to turn. Thus, releasing the mechanism and opening it.

locksmith keys made

The Best Locksmith Keys Made And Key Maker Professionals

When looking for certain aesthetics, steel or aluminum appear to be people’s first choice. Key maker professionals mainly used to use these materials when making keys. Throughout the twentieth century, there has been an evolution of these instruments. Today, we can handle any problem with these keys.

Currently, steel is one of the materials that you will find less in our key made services. Steel is now very strange to find in keys made for residential use. Why? Because of the composition of the material. Steel is very hard and can cause wear on the internal mechanism of the lock. This will accelerate its deterioration and thus make it, so more maintenance and service is needed.

Also, you might want keys made of copper. Though, we don’t recommend you use copper keys as they are not that convenient to use. They can become deformed over time and lose their function completely. Bronze is a material that can resist shocks and contact with liquids very well. Therefore, Jones And Sons Locksmith use it under certain circumstances.

However, most keys are of materials such as nickel or non-ferrous metals such as aluminum and brass. Nickel plating gives them a shiny silver color. In many cases, locksmiths mix nickel with brass to obtain the so-called “nickel-silver” alloy.

In addition, the aluminum wrench is inexpensive and usable. It perfectly fulfills your expectations and needs. Although these materials are the most practical, they can break. For this reason, if you have lost or broken keys, call us. Our replacement keys service will take care of this kind of problem.

Locksmith Keys Made Of Any Type

There are many types of keys. When ordering key cutting services or replacement keys, we will help you identify each of them. So, you can choose the best one for your lock. Remember that all these services are provided by the best locksmith in Columbus, OH.

  • Saw or Serrated Key: This is the most common type of key. It has a serrated edge as if it were a saw.
  • Security Key: These are the so-called “point keys”. They have indentations on the flat part of the wrench on both sides. Their edges are usually straight, although some models also have grooves. The frequent use of this type is in armored doors, reinforced doors, etc.
  • Pallet or bit key: You can find them in Borja (gorjas) locks. They are normally in armored doors but also in many security safes. Its structure has a cylindrical pin with a flat blade that has rectangular teeth.
  • Cruciform keys: They have a cylindrical shank. Their termination is in the shape of a cross with different teeth on different sides.
  • Pommel wrenches: They are the same as the paddle wrenches, but the teeth go forward with the difference.
  • Magnetic wrenches: These are wrenches that use magnets as part of the locking and unlocking mechanism. The magnets are in such a way that they are equivalent to a combination. Also, they are responsible for pushing or pulling the internal hooks of the lock to open it. Our key cutting service makes them great!
  • Tubular Key: These keys are totally different from the rest due to their size and round shape with indentations. They are usually in alarm systems, vending machines, lockers, etc.

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