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Do you know why a keypad door lock is so essential? Because it keeps a property or facility secure. Not only that, but it allows you to safeguard your property by also going keyless. Accordingly, that means you will not need a key to operate your door anymore. Unless you want it to, that will have to do with the type of lock you choose.

A keypad door lock operates connected to an access control system. That is how you will gain access to your property or facility. Hence, as you can see, it is a very safe system to have in your home or business. It will help you keep everything and everyone safe and sound.

If you want to get a keypad door lock installed, you need to call our team. Our Jones And Sons Locksmith professionals are the absolute finest you can get all over Columbus, OH. Do not hesitate to give us a call. You can ask us any questions you have, and we will answer them as best and fast as possible.

We care about our customers, and that means we care about you. Therefore, we can guarantee you that you will be one hundred percent safe and happy if you contact us.

keypad door lock

Benefits Of This Particular Type Of Lock

Many benefits come with having this type of lock in your house or your business.

First of all, it is super convenient. Now you don’t need keys anymore. That means that you won’t be losing your keys any longer. You simply need to remember a code, and that’s it.

Secondly, it provides higher security lock. It has a different hardware design, so no one can bump them or pick them to open your door. Plus, if you want to change the code because you forgot it, that is a relatively easy job. One that we can do for you in no time.

Then, we have the matter of durability. These types of locks have enhanced durability. That means that they will last you a lot longer than a traditional lock and key combination.

Let’s not forget about how easy it is to install them. You will not need to make any significant adjustments to your frame or your electric door lock. We can install them easily on any standard door that you have. You may be able to choose between battery-powered or mechanical keypad locks. Neither needs any connections to a power source. So, if you want them, get them with our help!

Our Team Can Replace Keypad In No Time

If you already have a keypad lock, then you might need to replace it. It comes when they stop working correctly, which is when you need to find a replacement. That is if you want to keep everything and everyone still safe. Otherwise, you can switch to a regular door lock. It is entirely your choice.

But if you do decide to get a keypad replacement, get us involved. We have the best specialist lined up and ready to help you. They will change that old keypad that you have and give you a new one. So, you can be sure that everything and every person within your home or business is safe at all times.

Emergency Keypad Lock Services At The Rescue

If your keypad door lock starts working wrongly or stops working entirely, you are in trouble. Most of all, if you have to get in and out of your home. That means you’re now stuck on the wrong side of the door, wanting to go back as soon as possible.

You don’t want to have to wait forever outside of it. Worst of all, if this happens at night, you would have to go to someone else’s home. Probably, you don’t have any crew available to call, right? After all, it is the middle of the night.

That is not something that can happen to you in Columbus, OH. Our professionals are here; our team is here. That means that you can get our help whenever you need it. It doesn’t matter if you call us right in the middle of the night. Or right in the middle of the day instead.

Again, our professionals are here to help and will be at all times. So, the moment that your keypad door lock gives you trouble just contacts us. We will head your way and give you a solution in no time.

Call our Jones And Sons Locksmith Columbus team if you want us to give you a new keypad door lock. Or if you want to replace it as well. We can do it all!

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