Commercial Door Lock Repair – Trusted Service At Your Disposal

Our commercial door lock repair professionals are prepared to offer you the best locksmith service in Columbus, OH. Our Jones And Sons Locksmith team performs repairs on locks of various kinds, including deadbolt locks or cylinder locks. Of course, we will also perform work on mortise locks or other models. We can provide locksmith service to any state-of-the-art system. We have the expertise and knowledge to do so.

Locksmith systems can need to be repaired for a variety of reasons. There are many reasons, and some might include, for example, possible fraudulent entry attempts. It is also possible that the lock has been damaged by a locksmith that isn’t experienced enough when providing service.

In any of the circumstances, our professionals will offer and provide high-level services. The professionals at our commercial door lock repair store are lock and key specialists.

In addition, our commercial door lock repair store offers rekeying and replacement lock services. There are situations where the lock to be repaired is so outdated that it is not worth refurbishing. For these cases, we propose our replacement lock services. Our replacement services propose solutions and alternatives based on new technology.

Professional locksmiths in charge of providing change door lock services will evaluate the factors that come into play. These include building surveillance, the propensity of security lock of the area, etc. They will then determine which type of lock is the most suitable.

If you need lock or door repair services, call us. Furthermore, if you need door opening or other locksmith services, let us know!

commercial door lock repair

Changing Your Keys Was Never So Easy

Have you lost the only keys you have at home? Do you think you have no choice but to change the lock? No, you don’t! Firstly, give our Columbus, OH a store give us a call!  Our professionals will give you a better solution than any other store.

We will provide you with fast and efficient service with multiple possibilities. Contact our Jones And Sons Locksmith team. They will take care of commercial door lock repair services and much more!

We also offer excellent replacement keys services. In addition, we carry out copies of keys, remotes and even unlock houses or vehicles. We also perform more complex activities in which we must invest more time.

One of these activities is the mechanical copy of keys without samples. This is done through a specific computer system. Yes, you heard right. We are one of the few stores that have the latest technology in the industry.

With a duplicating device, locksmiths perform replacement keys services like it’s nothing. But, without a sample, how do we do it?

It is a more laborious process but by no means impossible. The first thing is to check the lock. Then the cylinder of the door and to analyze the mechanism that it has. One of the first methods to use is to disassemble the lock to extract the cylinder. This way, the key can be created manually. To do this work, we use very fine files that profile the key. You will need professionals to do all of these to guarantee quality results.

Every Type Of Commercial Door Locks

Commercial door lock repair and all our services work with the best commercial door locks. But, do you know what types of locks exist? On many occasions, we forget the value that locks deserve. We are not only referring to the type of lock you should have.  

We also refer to the lock of a safe, a toilet, or your home office. From the commercial door lock repair team, we tell you the best ones. If you are looking for a change door lock, choose one of these.

  • Tubular locks

With this type of lock, we find an opening system exactly the same as the one offered. We recommend this lock for offices and rooms you want to prohibit the passage, storage rooms. An advantage of this lock is that users can close the lock from the inside of the room. How do you do this?  By pressing a single button.

  • Overlay locks

As the name suggests, these types of locks are usually on the outside door of the house. That is to say, the door of the house that faces the street. They are installed on the inside of the door, which means that most of the lock is visible.

  • Mortise or recessed locks

Mortise locks are the most common type of locks, especially on the front doors of homes. It can act as the main lock as it has a high level of security lock. However, in many cases, other complementary methods are to reinforce it. For example, an anti-bumping lock or another lock with a locking system.

If you are looking for the best locks, contact commercial door lock repair. We will provide you with the best installations, repairs, replacements, and much more!

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