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This is the best time for your business to get the locks and the system that will add a reliable and dependable security for years. You have invested your time and money building a quality business so take a moment to invest in a quality security. This will benefit every aspect of your work life and the life that you live when you go home. Imagine the freedom that you will gain from not having to worry about burglaries or theft. This is a great advantage that Jones and Sons Commercial Locksmith Columbus OH are offering to you at an economical price and an advantageous time.

Large corporate companies require some fine magnetic locks

In the biggest and reputed organizations heavy magnetic locks are used. These locks are made of magnet and they are made such that only the company’s employee can enter the bigger premises. The employee’s are given a personal ID card and if they swipe such cards they can get the access to such fabulous doors. These magnetic locks are even made by Jones and Sons Commercial Locksmith Columbus, OH company and recently we delivered such locks. Hence, any MNCs can contact us anytime if they are in urgency to prepare such locks in their offices. Our contact number is 614-915-0609.


Jones and Sons Commercial Locksmith’s versatile technicians are ready any time to install master key systems

The Master key is a special kind of key. They are termed as the master keys because these kind of keys operates on several locks and they can be opened with ease. They are the best in the business. Most of the family people use such kind of keys and Jones and Sons Commercial Locksmith in Columbus OH can design such keys in a perfect manner. We can purchase the master keys along with the set of other keys and like any other keys it is cost effective. If the people are in a hurry and they lose some keys than the master keys comes into the picture.

The risky and dangerous business of the keys copied

Talking about the risky job it is surely the business of the keys copied. In many cases to copy the keys are illegal, but it is still made if some of the customers prefer to do so and they have a license regarding that. Those customers’ name and address are noted in our company’s database for the safety purpose. If any wrong activity is done by those customers, we can inform the security as early as possible. Our Columbus Commercial Locksmiths just can design the copy of the keys instantly, but it is up to the customers how they use them.


Some unique keys for the safes and vaults opened function

The safes and vaults are made by many people so that they can keep the money or personal documents in such protective devices. Some of the people also prefer to keep ornaments in most of the safes and vaults. But Jones and Sons Commmercial Locksmith Columbus experts can make some unique keys for the safes and vaults opened function. There is no provision of duplicate keys in such cases and these kind of keys are highly confidential. The safes and vaults are used in many banks where a sufficient amount of money is kept. So for the safety reasons such keys are handed over to few which are fully and legally authorized.

Jones and Sons Locksmith in Columbus OH Delivers Advance Security Devices

The market is filled with terrible locks that are claiming to be reliable. That is why it is important to speak to a specialist about reliable advanced technology. This is the team with all the best safes and vaults that can be delivered to your office when you need it. We also have new key-less locks that integrate smartphone apps. Think of the power that you will have being connected to your locks, alarms, and cameras from miles away. We are the ultimate team of technicians working around the clock for your convenience and safety. Jones and Sons Locksmith Columbus are committed to your security.