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When you are looking for car locksmith Columbus services, you will find that there’s nothing better than getting help from a company that is known for its expertise. We are honest, dependable, and reliable – our success over a decade in business backs up those claims. We’re locksmithing experts and we’re quick – we have a fully loaded auto locksmith Columbus fleet that allows us to always follow through on our promised 20-minute response time anywhere in the area. Whether you need an auto locksmith in Columbus, or you are looking for a home or business locksmith, we’ve got everyone that you need ready to be dispatched.

Looking for services from an Auto Locksmith service in Columbus?

Then you are in the right place. We know that your vehicle is a big part of your life and when you need assistance from auto locksmith service in Columbus, OH, there is no better company to call than ours. Did you know that our locksmith Columbus trained technicians can take care of things like using a key maker to help you get the keys that you need, no matter what comes your way? Our auto locksmith service in Columbus can make you a set of replacement car keys, copy your ignition key and take care of your transponder key as well. We can even help you out with car lockouts! Call us any time you need help from us and our services!


We Have a Key Maker that Can Copy Your Transponder Key

With the technology that is available nowadays, it’s vital to have a key maker that can make a transponder key or a new key fob with little to no issues. We can duplicate car keys! That’s why your local Columbus car locksmith has invested in the newest technology and training so that we can take care of replacing or creating the keys that you need. If you call a car locksmith from our company, we can help you to get whatever brand of transponder key you may need and provide you with assistance as well. Contact our key maker today to learn more about the different types of transponder keys we carry in stock and what other options are available for non-chipped keys as well.

Do You Need Replacement Car Keys?

We all know that getting replacement car keys can be hard, especially if your originals are lost or broken. Did you know that we don’t need an original to copy vehicle keys easily? Instead, a car locksmith Columbus on our team can make you replacement car keys so long as they can access your vehicle.


Copying Any Ignition Key

If your ignition key is broken or it just isn’t working as well as it did, then you may want to contact us. Our auto locksmith team of experts can copy or replace your ignition key with ease. Come to our office or contact us to get assistance from a professional ignition key maker.

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Automotive – FAQ

Do I need the original key to make a new key for my car? A locksmith needs you to do nothing more than prove ownership of a car and provide a VIN number to have a new key cut and programmed for the vehicle. Many drivers no longer possess the original key to their car for a multitude of reasons. A locksmith ensures that you get a brand new, high-quality key that works just as well as the original, even when that key is not available to use to make that copy. When you need car keys made, a locksmith has you covered.

It is much simpler to call out a locksmith to cut or copy a new ignition key when the current copy is damaged or otherwise will not start the vehicle. However, sometimes there is a far deeper problem with the ignition (not simply the key that is being used) that must be addressed before the vehicle will function again. If your vehicle has sustained a break-in or has otherwise been tampered with, there is a good chance that the ignition is damaged and needs to be repaired.
Some people try to use wire-nose pliers to remove keys that have broken off in the lock, others attempt to use ice to ‘melt’ the key out of the ignition. There are several key removal techniques used at home. But, if the ignition key breaks in the ignition when it is being turned it is important that you call a locksmith for broken key extraction service immediately. Attempting to remove a key that has broken off in the ignition is dangerous and may cause more problems than you started with.